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25.06.2015 Is UK Shale Coming Soon?

UK officials have postponed until Monday the process for deciding on whether to grant Cuadrilla Resources a project planning permit for shale gas exploration in northwest England.

If the shale gas firm secures the permit, the project, located at Preston New Road near Blackpool, could become the UK's first producing shale gas location.

Officials at Lancashire County Council earlier deferred a decision to Wednesday as they ran out of time while hearing evidence that included testimonies from local businesses and residents, Reuters reported. The meeting resumed at 0900 GMT on Wednesday. However, officials at the Lancashire County Council opted to gather more legal counsel and defer a vote until next Monday at the earliest.

If Cuadrilla is granted the permit, it could mark one of the most important events for the nascent UK shale gas industry.

Britain is estimated to hold substantial amounts of shale gas. The national government, led by Prime Minister David Cameron, has overall been supportive of shale exploration efforts, particularly in light of declining North Sea production.