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11.04.2014 UK Oil & Gas sector: Up to 39,000 new jobs

According to a research by Bank of Scotland, which conducted a survey of 100 companies, the UK oil and gas sector could generate up to 39,000 new jobs in the next two years.

Bank of Scotland commercial area director Stuart White, said: “The findings of this report are excellent news for the economy, demonstrating the employment-generating nature of the oil and gas industry now and in the future.

“With most of the UK’s oil and gas firms clustered in Aberdeen and the north-east, Scotland should reap the largest share of these new jobs, however other parts of the UK will benefit from expansion plans. “

” This shows that oil and gas firms are still worried about the lack of skilled workers which is becoming their main challenge to face in the next couple of years.

However, Mr White comments that “Positive action is under way to address this shortfall, with new partnerships between higher education institutions and industry as well as the creation of new specialist apprenticeship schemes.”